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General visitor conditions

1. General
1.1 These visitor conditions apply to all visitors to and every visit to Museum De Waag.
1.2 These terms and conditions also apply to all natural persons and/or legal entities engaged by Museum De Waag in the context of its objective.
1.3 Deviations from these terms and conditions are only possible if this has been expressly agreed in writing.
1.4 Visitors must follow directions and/or instructions regarding these terms and conditions from museum employees.
1.5. If a visitor does not comply with these conditions or does not follow instructions from museum staff, he or she may be denied access to the museum, without the museum having to pay compensation or refund.
1.6 If a visitor repeatedly violates provisions in the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors or directions and instructions given by the employees, Museum De Waag can deny him/her access to Museum De Waag for a certain period of time.

2. Definitions
2.1 Stichting Deventer Verhaal, acting on behalf of Museum De Waag, located at Keizerstraat 33, 7511 HD, in Deventer.
2.2 Museum De Waag building: the areas open to the public in and around the buildings of Museum De Waag. 2.3 Visitor: anyone who enters Museum De Waag with or without a valid admission ticket.
2.4 Entrance ticket: a digital or printed ticket that gives the visitor access to the exhibition spaces of Museum De Waag during regular opening hours.
2.5 Admission ticket: an entrance ticket (whether or not in combination with a discount card) or a comparable ticket (such as a written invitation, voucher, annual pass), which provides access to (further specified) room(s) in Museum De Waag.

3. Entrance ticket/admission ticket
3.1 When purchasing your ticket you agree to a number of important conditions. These conditions apply at all times and everywhere in the museum.
3.2 A pre-purchased entrance ticket becomes invalid by the mere expiry of the date stated on the entrance ticket.
3.3. Museum De Waag is not obliged to reimburse the costs of an unused entrance ticket.
3.4 The following circumstances never lead to any obligation to refund paid entrance fees or other compensation to the visitor:
a. objects from the permanent collection of Museum De Waag or objects or parts of exhibitions and collection presentations that are not visible due to corona measures are not visible;
b. the partial closure of Museum De Waag, including, but not limited to, partial closure due to the construction or dismantling of exhibitions or adjustments to exhibitions or facilities as a result of corona measures;
c. in the opinion of the visitor, texts from the website, brochures or other means of communication do not correspond with what is actually shown;
d. an adjustment of the regular opening hours in connection with exercises in the context of the company emergency response or, in the event of a (corona) calamity, a full or partial evacuation of the Museum De Waag building deemed necessary by Museum De Waag;
e. nuisance or inconvenience caused by other visitors, including, but not limited to, noise nuisance, inappropriate behavior (including acts of war), theft or non-compliance with general or specific corona measures for this museum;
f. damage caused by other visitors;
g. nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance work, including, but not limited to, renovation or (re)arranging spaces; h. nuisance or inconvenience caused by facilities not functioning properly, whether or not as a result of general corona measures or applicable to this museum;
i. denied access to Museum De Waag;
j. loss of the admission ticket/entry ticket in and around the museum.
3.5 Visitors will receive a one-off visitor survey 24 hours after their ticket has been scanned at via the e-mail address used to purchase the ticket or tickets.

4. Access
4.1. Visitors are allowed to bring handbags or suitcases of a size smaller than or equal to A5 into the museum. Handbags and suitcases larger than A5 size must be handed in at the cloakroom or placed in a locker. If the lockers and cloakroom are full, we are entitled to refuse your coat and/or bag. If you have a bag larger than A5 size with you and the cloakroom is full, we may refuse you access to the museum, even if you are in possession of a valid admission ticket.
4.2. Museum De Waag has the right to check your handbag when you want to take it into the museum.
4.3. Museum De Waag wants everyone to feel welcome. However, our building is not always accessible for people who are in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, have difficulty walking or need an adapted toilet.
4.4. The museum must be dressed and on footwear to be entered, but is not accessible on skateboards, rollerblades, inline skates, roller skates or other footwear or accessories with wheels.
4.5 Visitors are not allowed to bring any (domestic) animals into the museum, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.
4.6 The following objects are not allowed in the museum
a. guns, firearms and shooting weapons or any other object capable of firing a projectile or causing injury or damage to property, or which appears to be capable of being used for that purpose;
b. pointed and/or sharp weapons and sharp objects: objects with points or cutting edges that can cause injury or property damage;
c. blunt objects that can cause injury;
d. explosive and flammable substances;
e. chemical and toxic substances.

4.8 Visitor can be denied access at any time if:
a. The admission ticket has not been issued by Museum De Waag or a body authorized by Museum De Waag. b. Cooperation with the access control of visitors and luggage is not forthcoming.
c. Visitor wants to enter the museum with one of the objects or animals mentioned under points 4.5, 4.6 or 4.7 or is found with one of the objects or animals mentioned after entry.
d. The visitor is not identifiable and/or whose face is not visible.
e. The visitor has damaged an object through negligence, gross negligence and/or intent during previous visits to Museum De Waag or to the Toy Museum Deventer or other museums, or when the fear of damage by the visitor is justified in another way.
f. visitor is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or similar substances; h. visitor disturbs the order or has the intention to disturb the order;
g. visitor is not wearing any footwear or clothing.
h. Visitor does not comply with the special corona measures and hygiene guidelines as set out in these visitor conditions or instructions from our staff.

5. House Rules
5.1 Young people under the age of 14 may only enter the museum accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult(s) is/are responsible for and accountable for the behavior of the persons accompanied by them.
5.2 You can pay cash or with a debit card at all cash registers in our museum.
5.3 You can use our museum shop during your visit. Special guidelines apply for this, based on the protocol 'Safe and responsible shopping'. You are obliged to follow these measures. Our staff can address you about this.
5.4 In Museum De Waag, it is not permitted to consume (alcoholic) beverages that you have brought with you in the exhibition areas. Only registered assistance dogs are allowed.
5.5 The visitor to the museum will furthermore:
a. not to touch exhibited objects, unless explicitly stated;
b. not hinder other visitors, including obstructing the view of exhibited objects for a long time or causing noise nuisance;
c. do not smoke;
d. not to consume food or drink in the museum;
e. not make any photo, video or film recordings using lamps, flash equipment and/or tripods or other accessories (including selfie sticks);
f. not draw or paint without prior permission granted by the information desk;
g. not offer goods for sale to third parties, or provide them free of charge.
5.6 Parents, supervisors and teachers are responsible for and accountable for the behavior of children and/or group members they bring with them.
5.7 Free audio tours are available in Dutch, English and German. We also offer guided tours. Other persons are not allowed to give guided tours without prior permission from the museum.

6. Photo and film in the museum
6.1 There is camera surveillance in Museum De Waag.
6.2 Visitors are permitted to film or photograph without lamps, flash equipment, tripods and other accessories (including selfie sticks).
6.3. Visitors are not allowed to photograph or film other visitors – and in particular children – as the main subject without the permission of that person.
6.4 Photos, video and/or film recordings of the building and the collection of the Toy Museum Deventer may not be used for commercial purposes.
6.5 If a person or organization wishes to use photos of the museum for commercial purposes, written permission can be requested via Costs will be charged for use.
6.6 Museum De Waag regularly has photo and film reports made in the building. This material may be used for publicity purposes and may appear in our own resources or media productions sponsored by the Museum. By staying at Museum De Waag, the visitor agrees to the publication of this material, even if the visitor can be seen on this material. If a visitor objects to the publication of visual material on which he/she is recognizable, this can be made known via Museum De Waag will then make every effort to prevent publication of the material; or republish this material.

7. Liability
7.1 A stay in Museum De Waag is always at your own expense and risk.
7.2 During his stay, the Visitor is liable for any damage he/she causes.
7.3 Museum De Waag is only liable for damage suffered by the visitor during a visit that is a direct result of gross negligence or intent on the part of Museum De Waag. The entitlement is in any case limited to the lower of the following two amounts:
a. the amount paid by Museum De Waag's insurer to Museum De Waag in respect of that individual claim; or
b. the compensation paid to Museum De Waag by a third party in respect of that individual claim.

8. Force majeure
8.1. Force majeure for Museum De Waag, which means that any shortcoming caused by this cannot be attributed to Museum De Waag, shall apply to any foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstance that makes the execution of the agreement by Museum De Waag so difficult that, temporarily or permanently, the execution of the agreement becomes impossible or onerous.
8.2. Such circumstances also include circumstances at persons and/or services and/or institutions that Museum De Waag wishes to make use of in the performance of the visitor agreement, as well as everything that applies to the aforementioned as force majeure or a condition precedent or resolutive, as well as attributable shortcomings. of the aforementioned.
8.3 In the event of calamities (related to corona), the museum is entitled:
a. to adjust the regular opening hours to a full or partial evacuation of the Museum De Waag building deemed necessary by Museum De Waag;
b. closing the doors and then leading visitors out one by one. Visitors may then be requested to cooperate with bag checks.

9. Lost and Found
9.1 Visitors must hand in objects found in Museum De Waag to an employee.
9.2 Museum De Waag will store found objects and, in the case of valuable objects, hand them over to the police in Deventer.
9.3 In case the alleged owner of a found object reports, he has the choice to collect the goods himself or to have them sent to him cash on delivery. In both cases, the owner must be able to identify himself. In case of doubt on the part of the museum about the status of the alleged owner, the museum is entitled to demand proof of ownership.
9.4 Museum De Waag reserves the right to destroy found objects that have not been collected after three months.

10. Complaints procedure
10.1 In case of complaints (or other questions), the visitor can make this known by sending an e-mail to

11. Other terms and conditions and applicable law
11.1 The applicability of these General Terms and Conditions for Visitors is without prejudice to the applicability, if any, of other contractual conditions and/or regulations of Museum De Waag, as published from time to time on
11.2. Dutch law applies to these General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and to the agreement between the Visitor and Museum De Waag. The General Terms and Conditions for Visitors are published on this website,